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Grammar Genius

Published on May 01, 2016

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Grammar Genius

Who will be this week's genius?

Although you and I might not like to live in the Arctic, many animals make
their home in this cold _________
hostile land.

Reindeer are found across the
northernmost parts of Canada and Asia.

Photo by djwudi

Bitter cold but deep snow do not bother
the Arctic Fox.

Photo by em_j_bishop

A year-round hunter, this fox can be snowy white or brown,
depending on the season.

The climate here is harsh,
___________ some plants do grow
and provide food for the Arctic herbivores.

The muskox and Arctic hare are two
animals that rely on plants and grasses for food.

Photo by pennstatenews

Polar bears pose no threat to the
hare, and wolves do prey the small Arctic animals.

Photo by garybembridge