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Graduate Orientation

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Graduate Research

The University of Michigan-Dearborn

Dr. Bob Fraser

The Race has begun!

We are here to help you WIN

Forgive my accent.

(I was not born here.)
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Travel time from home?

How many languages do you speak?

Dr. Bob Fraser

Research & Information Scientist

I can help you

  • Upgrade your research skills
  • Write strategically
  • Think critically
  • Write a scholarly lit review
  • Refine your dissertation or thesis topic
  • Copyright & plagiarism issues
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The Library* is critical to your success.

*This picture is not of our library.

Need a place to
Come to your LIBRARY!

-Group & individual study spaces
-Grad only computers (near 1151)
-Graduate Research Center (1151)
-Information scientist consultations

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Massive resources

  • 100,000+ searchable online journals
  • Millions of e-books (incl. Hathi Trust)
  • Videos
  • Interlibrary loan
  • -- UM-A2 library
  • -- MELcat

Information scientists!

Email them & --

-- arrange for a research consultation
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Or email me: rfraser@umich.edu

1151 Library. Good coffee and tea served.
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When YOU want to dig for info

  • Umdearborn.edu/library
  • Library search box (a broad search engine that is better than Google)
  • Browzine (app to build your journal library)
  • Subject lists & Specialized Databases
  • UM (Ann Arbor) library collection access
  • Interlibrary Loan, including MELCAT
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Best in class?

  • Do your own work; It is the only route to becoming a critical thinker
  • Review every week
  • Don't take shortcuts (such as exams & assignments from previous years)
  • Become known to your faculty
  • Ask questions & discuss in class

Best in class? (2)

  • Find things that enrich your imagination
  • Give more on any (team) project. Never do just the minimum.
  • Develop a niche expertise
  • Sleep enough, eat enough, exercise enough
  • Make colleagues from other cultures
  • Turn off the phone (except hourly check)

Let's talk STRATEGY!

Dr. Bob Fraser, consultant
Email: rfraser@umich.edu
Graduate Research Center
1151, the Library

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Think or Thwim