Got a Quarter and a free device? I do!

Published on Jun 17, 2017

Learn about two essential programs that apply in all schools in the United States that will allow students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to get online for 25 cents a month and free wireless devices to close the achievement gaps in your classroom, building, or district. #ISTE17 #PresentersOfISTE #TMISTE17


Got a quarter?  How about a free computer?

2017 teachmeet ISTE | #ISTE17 #TMISTE17 


In college, I had to defend NJ against this. 

Then came this... 

...and we also have this.

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But we're really all about this. 

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and this... 

591 Districts =

591 Superintendents =

591 different ways of doing things.

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2 common goals:

1) Keeping everyone safe.

2) Providing a free, public education so that our future is prepared to function in society.

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1 shared critical issue:

How do we provide equitable access for online learning?

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Remember Maslow?

Maslow in 2017

Where my fire started...

How we changed the lack of connectivity 
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Step 1:

FCC Lifeline Program
(cAsE sEnSiTiVe)

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Step 2:

(cAsE sEnSiTiVe)

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The Results?

  • An average of a *19%* increase in homework completion.
  • More connected, engaged, & active stakeholders on all levels.
  • Learners wanting to come to school, not to 'play school'.
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Jay Eitner

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