Google Apps and Math

Published on Nov 06, 2015

Google Apps and their use in Math


Google Apps for Math

Collaboration & Communication
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Collaborative notes

Students share with Students
Using Google Docs, students groups can add their ideas into a share document. Students can upload their own images/video and add questions with equations as well.
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Daum Equation Editor

Create - Save to drive - insert into docs
From the Chrome Web store, search Daum Equation Editor and add.

Students can create equations and click save to drive.

Within a document in google drive, students will press insert image, choose from drive and click their equation which will then be added to their document.

Google docs does have an insert equation feature but presentations does not. Daum is an option for getting them there!

* If you are using a Mac, Daum is also available in the MAC store.

Google Presenatations

Assign each student a Slide
Students are each assigned their own slide to illustrate and expand upon a problem. This presentation then becomes a student curated resource that can be linked to a QR to share.

Here is an example of a shared google presentation with algebra II teachers. This particular theme is a 6-word story over technology in their classroom.


Create - Save to Drive - Insert into Docs
Students can graph, create tables, plot points and create pictures. Desmos can be connected to google drive where created images can be exported and used in documents.

This would be great to add to collaborative presentations.

See more on Desmos

*There is also a Desmos FREE ipad app which has examples!


Create & Markup Geometric Designs
In the Chrome App store, search Geogebra!

Students can demonstrate the meaning of the math as it appears in their world. Geogebra is dynamic geometry software where students can create, manipulate and explore math.

Using "save to drive" images can be saved and inserted into other documents and apps for presentations, reflection and study.
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Kids speak About Math with Movenote
Connect movenote for education from the Chrome web store.

Students can give voice and video to docs and images from drive!

Students can also take images of their work on paper and add video commentary as to what it means.

Through its send and reply feature, teachers & students can build a communication ring about an idea!

Padlet Learning Walls

Add student questions & ideas
Remember wallwisher? Padlet is a neat way to add collaboration to your classroom. With the convenience of the Chrome web store, the padlet shortcut makes creating a wall as quick as a click and a touch of customization!

Digital 3d math 

Lego Builder
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Location based math

Google Maps & constructions
Place markers, project image and have kids complete constructions using real geometric tools!

Take a screenshot and import into geogebra!

In this image, students had to find the location of the point that is equidistant from 3 high schools!

Google maps with streetview makes the purpose of the activity relevant!

Analyze data

google spreadsheets
Using data, collaborate and analyze with google spreadsheets! Understanding how data works is always best when working with real data and connected minds!
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