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Global Mindfulness into Action

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Mindfulness into Action


Mindfulness into Action

Master Within: The Journey of Transformational Learning

Mindfulness into action

  • is an online class at World Dignity University that is 
  • a research based Leadership Development
  • methodology that empowers individuals,  
  • communities and organizations by bringing about
  • greater self-awareness and consciousness.
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  • Most personal and societal issues occur as a result of:
  • A person being in a reacting state
  • In response to their environments 
  • Based on their taken-for-granted assumptions and
  • Programmed behavior at a subconscious level. 

leadership development

  • By allowing a person to be aware through:
  • Organizational learning and mindfulness techniques
  • Learning from ancient Indigenous knowledge
  • Taking participants through a process of growing self-awareness.
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  • Participants are able to tap into: 
  • Various faculties of their conscious mind 
  • (Normally inaccessible when a person is in a purely reactive state)
  • Promoting greater clarity, resulting in: 
  • Better decisions for themselves, their families and society in general.


  • 2000 - Latino College Students
  • 2005 - Latino High School Students
  • 2009 - Kichwa Indigenous Community in the Amazon
  • 2012 - Washington & Jefferson College Students
  • 2013 - Teachers College Students
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impact 2009

  • July 09 - Mining company destroying their 
  • Sept 09 - Removal of mining company without violence
  • 2010 - Additional 4  mining companies removed in the same manner
  • 2011 - built a road to develop an ecotourism initiative
  • 2012 - Washington & Jefferson College students came to do research


  • All these outcomes were possible because
  • Participants were able to shift their paradigms 
  • Observe their taken-for-granted assumptions 
  • And identify sabotaging behavioral patterns  
  • at a subconscious level.

creation of an institute

  • At Columbia University participants are developing
  • new research projects using this leadership methodology
  • Mariana Vergara has been building this model for over 
  • the past seventeen years, and continues to research it through
  • her doctorate research at Teachers College, Columbia University.
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comparative study

  • of the implementation of Mindfulness into Action with the Kichwa &
  • Shuar Indigenous communities in the Amazon rain forest, and in the US 
  • with High Schools in Yonkers, NY  Bronx, NY and Dover, NJ.

Mindfulness into Action

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