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Global App Initiative ComSciCon

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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global app initiative

Changing the world, one app at a time

We aim to make a positive impact on the global community by empowering nonprofits with the tools necessary to thrive in an increasingly technology-centered world.

To do so, we dedicate ourselves to providing students of all backgrounds the proper skills and experience to become effective mobile developers and leaders.

our history

We build apps for nonprofits.

GAI today

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We meet the needs of a diverse portfolio of clients.

Our clients

Our clients 

We teach students the skills needed to build those apps.

through lectures and tutorials, we cover...

  • Design
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Through client communication, team collaboration, and team management, we provide students with professional, real world experience that cannot be replicated in the classroom.

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We engage a wide spectrum of people.

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App Fair

Global Appathon

Boston University recognized us as one of the top student organizations.

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we would like to thank

for supporting us

Catalyzing change with technology