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Giovanni Da Verrazzano

Published on Nov 18, 2015

An explorer


Giovanni Da Verrazzano

by Kate Chouinard

background information

  • Giovanni was born in Val Di Greve ,Italy around the year 1485.
  • He was born in his family castle
  • Verrazzano died in the year 1528

Early Life

  • He moved to Dieppe, France in 1507
  • He spent many years as a pirate and stole 2 million dollars worth of gold
  • He learned about exploration at a young age
Photo by Dalibor Tomic

Interesting facts
Giovanni, while on his 2nd expedition, went ashore the island of Guadeloupe.There he was captured,shot,and eaten by natives.A bridge in New York is named in his honor.He entered the country of France's maritime service as soon as he moved to France.

Photo by *Bitch Cakes*

Sponsor and Motives
Giovanni da Verrazano was sponsored by the country of France. As an Italian navigator he found land on his voyages and claimed it for France.He wanted to find the Northwest passage.He wanted to make maps and navigate.Finally he was introduced to adventure at a young age and had always loved it.

In January 1524 he sailed to Cape Fear, NC then traveled northward exploring the eastern coast of North America(NC to Newfoundland).He also made several voyages to Levant.


  • First European to discover and explore New York.
  • Discvered Block Island,Rhode Island,and 32 Islands off the coast of Maine.
  • First European explorer to name newly found sites after people in old world.
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  • Discovered land for people to live and for France
  • Created acurate maps
  • New bodys of water to ship goods to Asia
  • Harvested a cargo of Brazil Wood for timber/to build homes
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