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Published on Apr 06, 2016

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Hyde Plus

In 2013 many residents did not use the internet

Talk through stats

All happening at a time when more and more public services were going online

In particular we knew the introduction of uc would have a big impact on any residents claiming benefits - as the new system mean all benefits had to be applied for and managed online

Increase residents:

Digital skills

Access to the internet

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60 Digital Champions have trained and volunteered with us

Supported by Digital Unite's online Digital Champions Network

Together you have:

Set up sessions in 30 different locations

From London, Brighton & Kent, to Chichester, Gosport, Peterborough & Kings Lynn!

Delivered 850 digital skills sessions

Supported 4500 visits to Hyde Computer Drop-ins

Given more than 3500 hours of your time

Taught more than 500 Hyde residents and hundreds more community members

40% feel more in touch with the modern world, friends and family

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A quarter of learners have made new friends

81% of learners said sessions were good or excellent

80% of learners remain online after training

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But it's not all about numbers

It's about people!

And finding a way to make the Internet relevant for each learner


"When he first spoke to me he said: 'Getting online isn't for me.' By the end of the session he wanted to buy a tablet!"

Discovering a picture of a plane he flew in the war

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Using Google Earth to find the house she grew up in

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Uploading her CV for the first time and applying for a job

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Learning that she could watch Cliff Richard videos on Youtube!

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Making instant contact with a relative in America through Facebook

Getting registered on Home Swapper - he was worried about the Bedroom Tax

Finding the cheapest flight for her trip to see family in Nigeria

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Discovering the power of twitter for growing his business

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Understanding how to use Universal Job Match after having his benefits sanctioned

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Downloading photos of her granddaughters

Perfecting the art of the selfie!

"Digital Champions have given me confidence, I've come a long way since my sessions and started to enjoy using the internet"

"Digital Champion lessons have opened up a whole new world for me"

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Emma Weston OBE
Chief Executive
Digital Unite

Sophie McKechnie

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