Get What You Want

Published on May 15, 2016

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Get What You Want

You Can't Always


Force, Fear & Threats to Get What You Want


Pressure, Manipulation & Intimidation to Get What You want
With coercion you use pressure, manipulation and intimidation to get what you want. It’s still easy, but like control, it produces resentment, rebellion and revenge.
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Using Authority, Title or Position to Get What You Want
You could just tell people what to do. This is called Command. With Command you use your authority, title or position get people to do what you want. It produces compliance, but you don’t get respect or admiration from your followers.
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Incentives, Benefits & Rewards to Get What You Want
What if you give people a prize for doing what you want? This is called compliance. With Compliance, you provide incentives, benefits and rewards to get your way. Compliance works great because it’s a win-win scenario. People do what you want and they get something for it, but it doesn’t necessarily make them loyal to you.
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Convince, Encourage & Coax Others to Do Things Your Way
Cooperation - With cooperation you convince, encourage and coax others to do things your way. This requires more work from you because your audience must believe that you are telling them the truth and acting in their best interest. Cooperation is the beginning of mutually, respectful long term compliance.


Respect, Honor & Trust for Each Other Yields Compliance
By the time we get to Commitment, you and your audience have respect, honor and trust for each other. Because there is a great relationship where both parties feel respected and honored, your audience will likely go along with what you ask. This happens because they believe in your integrity and are confident you wouldn’t ask them to do anything against their own best interest. They will commit to you because they believe you are committed to them.
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Full Trust & Commitment To Your Vision of Their Future

You Get What You Need

But if you try sometime you find
Maybe the Rolling Stones had it right so many years ago when they reminded us that

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Try to find the best tactic on the Hierarchy of Persuasion to get what you need.

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