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Northeast Georgia Urological Associates
660 H Lanier Park Dr.
Gainesville, Ga. 30501
Web: gavasectomyreversal.com
Phone: 770-535-0000
Fax: 404-334-4667
Email: ngurology@gmail.com
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Georgia Vasectomy Reversal

Published on Jan 22, 2017

Georgia's most experienced no needle vasectomy and microscopic vasectomy reversal urologist. Board Certified urologist, practice owned and accredited urological ambulatory surgery center. Anesthesia provided by board certified experienced anesthesiologists.


Georgia Vasectomy Reversal

The most cost effective microscopic reversal in Georgia.
Northeast Georgia Urological Associates
660 H Lanier Park Dr.
Gainesville, Ga. 30501
Web: gavasectomyreversal.com
Phone: 770-535-0000
Fax: 404-334-4667
Email: ngurology@gmail.com
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John McHugh M.D.

A board certified urologist with over 30 years of experience.
Dr. McHugh has practiced urology in the same location in Gainesville, Ga. for over thirty years. He is a board certified urologist. He is one of the few urological surgeons in Georgia who performs microscopic reversals on a routine basis. Having his own accredited surgery center allows for a cost effective reversal without have pass on hospital fees to his reversal patients.

Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Our urological dedicated ambulatory surgery center was established in 2008. We have performed hundreds of microscopic reversals in our ambulatory surgery center using general anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist, a Zeiss operating microscope using microscopic suture and a board certified urologist.
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The Ga. Vas Reversal Advantage

  • Board certified urologist/anesthesiologist
  • Over 400 reversals performed
  • Board certified anesthesiologist
  • General anesthesia/experienced nurses
  • Accredited practice owned amulatory surgery center
  • Zeiss operating microscope and microsccopic suture and instrumentation
Everything you'd expect at a hospital but without the inconvenience or cost but effective results. We think you'll appreciate our physicians, the cost, our facility, convenience and our results.

Cost Effective Vasectomy Reversal

We own our surgery center allowing us to keep the price down.
The biggest factor in our reversal being the most cost effective procedures in Georgia is that we own our surgery center. This means we do not have to pay a hospital or independent ambulatory surgery center. This dramatically decreases your expenses and as well adds to the convenience of the procedure by not having to go through the inconveniences and expense of a hospital.
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The consultation visit for a reversal is free and easily scheduled.

770-535-0000 ext 112

You can contact us by phone, our website or by email: ngurology@gmail.com. If an in office free consultation is not possible (recommended) we will happily arrange a time for Dr. McHugh to call you.
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The $ 6500.00 all-inclusive price includes:

  • Anesthesia fees and surgeon fees
  • The facility and cost of materials and staffing
  • The instruments and cost of materials/suture
  • Overnight accommodations for our out of town patients
  • Free preoperative consultation and free post reversal examination of semen
  • Free evaluation of the semen postoeperatively
This all inclusive plan for your microscopic vasectomy reversal we believe represents the most cost effective reversal pricing in Georgia.
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The Process

  • Free consultation by phone or office visit.
  • You can request the free consultation with Dr. McHugh by phone or email.
  • Contact info: ngurology@gmail.com or 770-535-0000 ext 112.
  • The microscopic vasectomy reversal will be performed by Dr. McHugh in our practice owned and accredited surgery center. General anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist.
Starting the process to learn about the specifics of a vas reversal is very easy. Our vas reversal scheduler can be reached at 770-535-0000 ext 112.

The Reversal Procedure

  • Usually takes 2 1/2 hours or less to perform
  • Off your feet for 36 hrs
  • No sex or strenuous activity for three weeks
  • Wear compression underwear for three weeks
  • First sperm check, if desired, at 4 months.
The male considering a vasectomy reversal needs to plan for time off his feet to discourage swelling. Patients will ask is this like the vasectomy. A vasectomy takes less than 15 minutes and through a small single incision. A reversal takes two hours and thirty minutes and as a result is more complicated and more likely to have bruising and swelling.
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Why do you wait four months to check semen for sperm?

The process of producing a mature sperm takes about four months. 
The time for full maturation of the sperm in the testicle is approximately four months. So if the testicle is several years after a vasectomy they have somewhat shut down. After the reversal they start the process over. This is why evaluating the post vas reversal patient's sperm sooner than four months is not recommended.
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Success Rates

Years since Vasectomy
Patients will often ask what are the chances of success after the reversal. The following graphs showing patency vs. pregnancy give you the answer and depends on the time since vasectomy. These numbers were gleaned from a study on vasectomy reversals and stratified the results based on years since vasectomy.
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Less than 3 years since Vasectomy

As you can see the sooner the male elects to have a reversal after vasectomy, the better the likelihood of pregnancy. It is not that the repair is less difficult to perform...it is the ability of the testicles to produce good sperm. This ability is best closest to the time of the vasectomy procedure.

3-8 years since vasectomy

In the time period of 3-8 years from a vasectomy the reversal success as judged by pregnancy is approximately 50/50. The couple needs to be aware of this because if after the cost and inconvenience of the reversal there is no pregnancy-it is something they had considered as possible.

9-14 years since vasectomy

Again-as the time from vasectomy increases the likelihood of pregnancy decreases. This more a result of the testicles producing quality sperm more so than if the procedure created an open vas deferens.

Over 15 years since vasectomy

This slide indicates that the ability of the surgeon the successfully reconnect the vas deferens does not change with the years since vasectomy. It also shows that the quality or quantity of the sperm decreases which in turn decreases the likelihood of pregnancy. There is however a chance of pregnancy.

Patency vs. Pregnancy

  • Patency is the presence of sperm in the ejaculate after a reversal
  • Pregnancy is successful conception
  • Patency indicates that the reversal worked-Pregnancy indicates that the male's testicles are also producing the appropriate quality and quantity of sprem
There is a big difference between seeing sperm in the ejaculate after a reversal and achieving pregnancy. This is because the testicles have to "pick up the ball" and begin producing the numbers and quality of sperm necessary for achieving pregnancy. This explains the discrepancy between seeing sperm i.e. the reversal worked and pregnancy. The couple undergoing a reversal, considering the inconvenience and expense of the procedure, should have a thorough understanding of this point.
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Call us to schedule

The consultation is free!
The consultation is free and very informative. If you want to learn more prior to the visit go to gavasectomyreversal.com and click on the page vasectomy reversal 101. There you can read a pdf or listen to a podcast of Dr. McHugh discussing what you might expect to experience at a pre reversal visit. It is also a nice tool to prepare you for the visit and isolate issues important to you to discuss.
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Ga Vasectomy Reversal

Helping couples add that new addition to their family
Dr. McHugh is the most experienced no scalpel vasectomy and microscopic urological surgeons in Georgia. If you have any interest in a reversal our reversal coordinator can streamline the process. You can fill out the contact form on the website, email Dr. McHugh at: ngurology@gmail.com or leave a voice mail at 770-535-0000 ext 112.

John C. McHugh M.d.

mIcroscopic vasectomy Reversal