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GAMIFY Content Marketing

Published on Nov 06, 2015

Successful content marketing engages over time. Engagement needs online community and a role shift from content creators to community curators and GAME creators.



Make Your Content Marketing A GAME

Gamify Content Marketing

  • Ask questions.
  • Curate response.
  • Create "winnable" competitions.
  • Feature, Feature, Feature.
  • Curator & Creator = YOUR ROLES.


Does your content marketing ask questions?
Collaboration is two sided. Teaching and educational content are powerful content marketing weapons.

BUT never forget you are teaching and educating ADULTS. Adults learn differently. We can't sit in a classroom anymore. We want to be involved, sharing and participating. Find ways to include us by ASKING QUESTIONS in your content.

Shift your perspective from lecture to collaboration. Don't expect a mountain of input at first, but KEEP asking questions. When comments come FEATURE THEM and curate them into your content.
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Features and curation = "digital listening".
When a customer's content is on your website you win 4 ways:

* Lowered your content creation costs.
* Rewarded a valuable 1% Contributor (1% Contribute, 9% Share & 90% Read).
* Showed others you VALUE and care about User Generated Content (UGC) most valuable content you can't buy (must be given).
* Customer whose content is shared is likely to share with their social network too (if you have permission and provide notice both of which we highly recommend).

Using UGC = "digital listening".
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Value ALL Input In Meaningful Ways
Competition can be dangerous. Zero sum "winner takes all" competitions can make a contributor feel defeated and lower their desire to collaborate.

"Everyone wins" is also dangerous since winning must have value or it feels false and manufactured. We don't "win" each time we play a game, but the reward of playing is addictive and drives us to hone skills and try again.

Good news is the WEB provides a million ways to value User Generated Content including:

* Badges.
* Personal emails specific enough so those being emailed know not canned.
* Following Back.
* Social mentions.
* Curating THEIR content on YOUR website.

Find a way to make SURE any 1% Contributor feels rewarded and wants to do it (share their content with you) again.


Red Bull Knows How To Feature. Do You?
I wrote Red Bull Branding Lessons for Curatti because Red Bull is an amazing digital marketer who understands two very important truths:

* We brand THEM (customers) and we win.
* We are all media companies now.

If you aren't finding ways to FEATURE the amazing people who work inside your company or use your products DO SO...Now.


New Roles

Curator & Content "Game Creators"
Marketers have new roles thanks to the social / mobile web. As we market toward the creation of online community we must take on new roles. If our content creation doesn't quiet in favor of content curation community can't and won't form.

If our content isn't fun and gamified engagement won't exist over time. We must think like video game creators - we create malleable worlds where our customers and supporters experience, share and mold.

Our jobs are simple but different. We must:

* Insure our growing community knows about cool stuff no matter where it happened within our community.
* Coach, cheer and reward our "players" (i.e. members, contributors and those who share).
* Listen to and learn from our players.
* Teach and be taught by our collaboration.
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Learn to think like video game creators.
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Martin Smith

@Curagmai www.Curagami.com @Scenttrail
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