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Frozen Tundra

Published on Feb 08, 2016

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The Adaptions Living Things Made To Survive In This Climate:
The hare has made an adaption to blending in with the envirment to hide from their hunters, and not get seen by their future food.

The Extremes In The Frozen Tundra and How Animals Survive The Extremes:
The highest extreme is -93 F and the Polor Bear survives from this because some Polar Bears hybernate through the winter.

The Amount of Rainfall and How it Effects Living Things:
The most rain fall is 6-10 in. per year. The hare has a downfall from this, it can't run as fast as it can run with the amount of snow. The hare can usually go to top speeds of 40 miles per hour, it can only run 20 with 7 in. of snow.

The Living Creatures That Benefit From The Snow:
The Polar Bear benefits from this because whe it goes somewhere it can follow it's tracks back to it's home.