From The Weeds to the White House

Published on Nov 19, 2015

This is the presentation from the 2016 NJASA TechSpo conferences that focuses on how a rural town in Salem County, NJ was catapulted​ into the spotlight and went to The White House


From the Weeds to The White House

The power & importance of getting positive publicity 
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Jay Eitner, Superintendent of schools

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Where do we begin?

Lower Alloways Creek

  • 67% without regular cell phone service (most get service from DE)
  • 59% without cable (due to location)
  • 40% free-reduced lunch
  • 28% special education
  • NO local tax levy
  • Farmers, crabbers, or "the island"
  • [SOURCE: njdoe / NCLB]

Can it get any more challenging?

  • Low staff morale and polarized staff
  • High teacher pedagogy based on 1950's methods
  • Students hated school
  • Schedule not matching to students needs or wants
  • Technology? LOL
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Create a learning environment that learners & staff want to be in 
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The catalyst: meeting learners & staff where they are while making school fun again.


  • fosters collaboration
  • cultivates projects
  • connects districts that want to inspire and enlighten
  • portrays innovation in their mission statement or vision
  • FREE
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"Begin with the end in mind."

Grant wiggins

alphabet soup

  • (S) cience
  • (T) echnology
  • (E) ngineering
  • (M) ath
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Or are you...

  • (S) cience
  • (T) echnology
  • (E) ngineering
  • (A) rts
  • (M) ath

Get the vibe.

Why would stakeholders want something like this? 
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Get the space.

Either an empty room or some shoeboxes!

Get the buy-in & get them excited.

admin, teachers, parents, students

Get the curriculum.

Acquire.  Procure. Attain. Tweak to your own.

Get on social media.

connect. brag. show learners learning.
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Get to conferences

showing student work?  Clutch. 

Get recognized.

companies, organizations, and government will see it!
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Get to the White House.

Nothing beats it. Ever. 
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Essentials - $$$

  • makey-makey
  • raspberry pi
  • MinecraftEDU
  • LEGO Education
  • little bits
  • Drones
  • 3D printers
  • Laser printers

Essentials - $$

  • marshmallows
  • plastic silverware
  • popsicle sticks
  • dry spaghetti
  • duct tape
  • rubber bands
  • play dough
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Essentials - $

  • excess office supplies
  • hand-me-downs from classrooms
  • JUNK
  • excess art room supplies
  • glue
  • paperclips
  • scrap paper
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