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From 0-100,000

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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From 0-100,000

Growth Tactics - @MrMikeStreet

Started from The Bottom

Now We Here

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5 Keys to Social Growth

  • Have a unique voice
  • Engagement
  • Visuals
  • Content hooks
  • Trendjacking

Unique Voice

Make Them Remember You
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Develop Your Voice

  • What do you have to say that is unique
  • What content can you create or curate that your audience will eat up
  • How can you stand-out amongst the noise?

Gary Vaynerchuck

Loud, cusses, and inspires his followers. Sends gifts and gives a reason to engage.



is everything!
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Keep Your Audience Active

  • Why should people follow you?
  • How will you keep them engaged?
  • How will you show that you care?

Retweets = Engagement


are everything
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Visuals Rule Social

  • Photos receive 30% more engagement vs text
  • Video receives the MOST engagement across all social channels
  • By 2017 70% of all traffic will be from video content


If you're NOT on here, your fucking missing out!
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$5-$15K Per Shot

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Develop Good Content

  • Figure out what type of content works for your competitors
  • Expand upon that content and make it better
  • Use content as a lead magnet in order to generate and grow your audience
  • What can you do that is different?

20 Habits. 2 Billionaires.

Everyone wanted to read this.


Pay attention to hashtags/Trends
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Jump on Trends

  • Looking for trends that might be related to your business and develop content related to that trend
  • Use trends for additional exposure and reach
  • Have fun with it

My Top 10 Growth Tools

Tools You Can Use Now
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  • Setup key words and hashtags
  • Tool will auto fav and retweet related content
  • Fine-tune the tool for max effect


  • Setup key hashtags on Instagram
  • Tool will auto like and post comments on related images
  • Fine-tune the tool for max effect

Twitter Chats

  • Find Twitter chats related to your nich
  • Participate and engage in the chat
  • Ask to be a guest on the chat

Guest Posting on Other Blogs

  • Use Open Site Explorer to find out who is linking to your competition
  • Reach out to those sites and pitch a guest blog post
  • Write an AMAZING post and bring that audience over to you

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

  • PR is still important
  • Use HARO to find reporters looking for topics to write about
  • Reach out and replay to their request


  • Contest will help you build your list
  • Partner with other outlets or influencers to create a big prize for more response
  • Capture e-mail and social info

Buffer App

  • Schedule content to go out across all of your social channels
  • 2-3 post per day for Facebook; 8-10 per day for Twitter
  • Keep your content "always-on"


  • Tools for engaging and capturing your audience
  • Use to build your e-mail list
  • Take advantage of all of the tools on the sit

Social Advertising

  • Facebook, Twitter, and soon Instagram all offer self service ads
  • Use the ads and the right messaging and call to action to grow your audience
  • Target smaller subsets as your budget allows get in front of your audience


  • Measure everything!
  • Use native metrics such a Facebook Insight to see what's working and whats not
  • Fine-tune your tactics for max effect

Thank You

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