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French Revolution Theme Park

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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French Revolution Theme park

The Ultimate Experience

lazy river yo

switch tubes for bathtubs for the ultimate experience

Lazy River

  • Bathtubs to represent Jean Paul Marat
  • Fun easy breezy children's ride

MArie ANTOINETTEs bake shop

delicious treats

Marie antoinette's bake shop

  • delectable treats you can purchase
  • "let them eat cake" -myth

chop chop

could be gruesome 

chop chop

  • model for the guillotine 
  • based upon demon drop
  • severed feet

angry women's parade

storming the bastille

angry women's parade

  • model of the women who stormed the bastille
  • learn reasons for anger 

exploring versailles

maze through the vast and expasive gardens

Exploring versailles

  • Tour of expansive grounds
  • Learning
  • King Louis



vocal or instrumental sounds


chilling about the park

marie antoinette

  • Walking around signing autographs
  • Outside of the bakeshop
  • Explains her side of the story

bread shop

conveniently located bakery


  • Located right next to cake shop
  • Juxtaposing ideas
  • Learn options for the poor and wealthy

Robespierre's Tower of Terror


Robespierre's tower of terror

  • Fearful experience
  • Evoke fear that the people had during his reign
  • Be told facts

Liberty Cap Souvenirs

Untitled Slide

  • symbol of liberty
  • Support the Revolution!
  • Sport a national emblem!