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Formative Data

Published on Nov 30, 2015

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Formative Data

gives teachers & students needed information

Formative data helps Teachers

  • adapt instruction to student needs
  • focus on student achievement and growth
  • create challenging but not overwhelming tasks
  • select appropriate learning strategies
  • offer students opportunities for improvement
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Formative data helps teachers

plan reteaching and enrichment

Formative data helps students

  • gain specific feedback to improve
  • receive appropriate learning tasks
  • personalize learning

Use formative data,

to determine what occurs next
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If nothing changes,

then it's NOT formative!
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What data do you collect?

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Why do you collect that data?

How does it drive instruction?

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What are the common misunderstandings about data?

How can you improve your use of data?

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Formative Data
by Tracy Watanabe

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