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Filming Our Local History

Published on Mar 18, 2016

Some behind the scenes action while filming the Jacob Waltz and Hohokam movies Peta and Campbell wrote scripts for.


Filming Our History

Behind the Scenes

Author of
Jacob Waltz

Author of "The Hohokam"

We all gather to begin filming.

First we film the narration

Narration tells the viewer the historical facts for each scene.

Apache Junction High School film students helped us out with the filming and editing.

Scene Two being shot of Hohokam play. A Hohokam mother is teaching her daughter to grind corn using a metate and mano.

Scene Two from the Jacob Waltz play. Jacob is on his deathbed and telling Julia Thomas and Rhinehart Petrasch where his gold is. They aren't listening!

Much needed dinner break between scenes.

Finishing the filming

Letting them know a job well done!

Stay tuned for the final movies!