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AUTHOR: Nikolay Pavlova

The past augured spacecraft, conquest of planets and abundance of resources dispersed throughout the galaxy. Entire worlds overflowing with life, with millions of people moving, moving and building lives without difficulty or barriers. Diane knew it because she had read it in her books. Diane had also read the press, before the date, when it was a diary. of debris. With misery as the only way of life.

But Diane, who in the past was able to see how its use in the pages of newspapers was habitual, as someone who cares, as someone poor to send money to the third world; you can no longer see among them the most miserable mention of what happened in the countries no one talks about anymore. Gradually, they have ceased to be important and their figure has been camouflaged by the most trivial and superfluous issues that occupy the people of the inhabitants of the first world.

Of course, since its disappearance from the international press, the world population was reduced from sixteen billion inhabitants to eleven billion. And the number was still downhill.
Not only because of the lack of resources that had caused the disappearance of international aid organizations, economic support shipments of their citizens or special and occasional aid; but also the annihilation of entire tribes, of refugee camps, of contamination of the waters and deliberate lack of help and medical attention to the inhabitants of said poor country.

Diane understood why, she understood the reason, but she was never able to forgive such an act. Five billion people died because the other millions of residents of developed countries had turned their heads, again, to their bulging navels.
Justice, the necessary. Dignity, the affordable one. Equality, in convenience.
The world stopped being poor because the world ignored poverty.

There, in the high society, the workers received applause, compliments and congratulations because they had followed the instructions: "Good, good! Citizen. Collaborate with your state and have no more than two children. And while they ate, slept and worked believing in their false merit as a citizen of the world, hidden hands filtered to cut life from the most remote and unimportant places.
But a remote place remains a place of said planet Earth, that desert and dead, descends the ladder of dignity; for dignity is also a resource and, the more willing to receive from it, the less there is for all.
“Ya there is no” Diane thought...




  • Spacecraft: A spacecraft is a vehicle that can carry people and cargo beyond the Earth's atmosphere, through space to other planetary bodies, space stations, or orbits and back home again.
  • Galaxy: a system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.
  • Third world: During the Cold War, the Third World referred to the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the nations not aligned with either the First World or the Second World.





  • Characters: a girl
  • Setting: in a city.
  • Plot: ⚫️ The girl said as is your city actually. 🔴 the girl tell the problems of your city. 🔵 The girl reflected

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