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Feudal Japan

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Feudal Japan
By Asia Clyburn

What are the major contributions of Medieval Japan ?
Source 1 :Shotukus constitution gave power to the emperor,who had to be obeyed by Japenese people .

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Source 2 : During Japan's feudal period the shogun held more power while the emperor was more puppet figure .

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Source 3 : the emperor and Shogun was the highest ranking nobles in Japan.

How did geography affect the development of Japenese civilization?
Source 1: because of Japan's mountains, only about 20% of the land can be formed . Throughout Japan's history local armies often fought over the few patches of fertile land .

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Source 2 : the earthquake that hit Japan and killed over 47 people, dome of them were burned and many of them were injured the earth split in half but saved the people on the other side. God rose over them .

Source 3: Japan's geography shaped up Japenese life in Japan. The mountains were hard to live on, most people had to live on flat plains .

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What did the social hierarchy of feudal japan look like ? ( explain each class.)
Source 1 : clans farmers ,artisans , and servants .

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Source 2 : The peasents were divided into several sub - classes, the highest was the farmers in Japan .

Source 3: it was divided into two classes which were the nobility and the peasents .

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What do "Jomon" mean ?
Source 1 : It is meant for the cord marks, in the Japenese language .

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