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Extended Metaphor Poem

Published on May 11, 2016

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Extended Metaphor Poem

June Koo Inter Fluency 2016 May 13

In this presentation, a lion and the wild were being compared.

The Lion

Photo by Faugel

The lion is the king of the wild 

Photo by Etrusia UK

Inside of the mild warmness 

Photo by kevin dooley

Hearing the sounds of his love child

Sight is full of the warmness

Photo by heathzib

He gives a roar of laughter to express 

Photo by Eric Kilby

The wildness and the strength of will

Photo by MTSOfan

You don’t get a chance to say ‘Yes’

Photo by Ravages

But you get chance to be overcome by fear and will

While one is being affected by this steamy heat

Photo by dbnunley

The weak becomes the victim of the strong

Photo by VinothChandar

While he hollers and screams to find something to eat

Photo by Eric Kilby

The weak gets killed, and he sings for the elated breeze song

Photo by -Reji

When he roars across the plain, it is sounds of gale

So the one can be affected by this intense cold

Photo by salendron

When he whispers across the prairie to find a tail

Photo by Bushman.K

That is a breeze, for the one who is brave and bold


  • A wild animal vs. Undomesticated nature
  • Wild-Food chain
  • Lion-A king of the wild, and the chain

Thank you

Photo by vgm8383