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Examining the Budget 2015

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Supply Contracts examines the UK Budget 2015 and looks at exactly how your small business stands to benefit.


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On 8 July, the Chancellor unveiled the Summer Budget 2015 - a Budget heavily aimed at UK businesses.

With huge announcements made on wages, tax, National Insurance and more, do you know what it all means for businesses?

A Budget for business

"This Budget backs the self-employed, the small business-owner and the homebuyer."
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Corporation Tax cut

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The tax paid by a business on its profits is to be cut yet again to 18% by 2020, the lowest rate of any EU country.

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Employment Allowance raised

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By increasing the Employment Allowance to £3000, businesses will receive a further £1000 to help towards their National Insurance payments.

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Minimum Wage increased

"Britain needs a pay rise."

From April 2016, a new National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for the over 25s will be introduced. This will rise to over £9 an hour by 2020.

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Annual Investment Allowance at highest level

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The annual investment allowance, which allows businesses to deduct the value of plant and machinery purchases, will be set permanently at £200,000.

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Infrastructure investment

Another big winner from the Budget was infrastructure, with particular emphasis placed on improving Britain’s roads.

In addition:

  • no rise in fuel duty
  • reform to vehicle excise duties to pay for new roads
  • £30m to promote integrated transport in north of England
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How do you take advantage of these changes?

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With these improvements to the business landscape comes new opportunities for businesses like yours

Now you need to gain sight of the opportunities in order to make the most of them

Supply offers the UK's largest database of public and private sector contract opportunities...

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as well as unique market intelligence, expert support and help at every stage of the procurement journey.

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For more information on how Supply can boost opportunities for your business, visit:

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