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"EveryOne has a story to tell.

Published on Nov 28, 2015

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"Everyone has a story to tell.

Will they tell me?  Will they tell you?" (D. Graves)
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seth mitchell

Southern Maine Writing Project, TC '07 / @scmitch


Connect.  Write.  Share.  Apply.


Chris Hoffman, Dawn Pendergrass, & Jackie Young
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Everybody has a story.

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"I’m guilty of the same thing that everybody else is guilty of, and that’s either not knowing what your story is or not recognizing that you’re important."

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"A lot of times that’s a part of the process that we just ignore — getting to know the person."

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"Maybe something about them that made me see life a little bit differently. And I think that’s the kernel of the story."

Let's find some stories.

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brainstorm questions

GOAL: "getting to know the person" (three minutes)
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brainstorm questions

GOAL: "getting to know the person" (three minutes)
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(eight minutes each)

write to process

(five minutes)
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For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

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six-word memoirs

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Not fortune cookies or bumper stickers
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find the Kernel

6 words & an Image

(ten minutes)


in the classroom

  • Build classroom community
  • Teach economy
  • Listen for and write about main ideas
  • Frame entrance/exit slips
  • Focus on content and concepts

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