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Ernest Rutherford

Published on Jan 12, 2016

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Ernest Rutherford

Meghan O' Mitzy D. Haley P.
Photo by djwtwo

Who He Was

  • Born: Aug 30th, 1871(New Zealand) Died: Oct 19th, 1937 (UK)
  • Brightwater, New Zealand
  • Considered to be the greatest sentimentalist since Michael Faraday.

Where/When he Worked

  • Worked at McGill University in Montreal, Canada
  • Started working in 1898 as a professor
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What/How he discovered it

  • Discovered that atoms have a small charged nucleus circled by electrons, and credited with the discovery of the proton
  • Discovered nucleus and electrons with gold foil experiment
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Why Is It Important?

  • This is important because then they would know more about the structure of the atom