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Enviromental Engineer

Published on Feb 05, 2016

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Salary: the annual salary for an environmental engineer is $85,671 annually.

Degree: environmental engineer must have a bachelor degree in environmental engineering or a related field.

Hours: environmental engineers typically work the standard 40-50 hours a week in a regular schedule.

Years of college: it usually takes 4-5 years of college to become an environmental engineer.

Location: environmental engineers often work in private industry employs to ensure a safe work environment for employees and to ensure that waste products are properly managed.

Demand: demand for environmental engineers has grown in the past few decades. Today,industrial projects of any significance require environmental engineers to ensure regulations.

Training: environmental engineers must have at least a bachelors degree in environmental engineering, and typically takes four years to complete.

Job description: environmental engineers use engineering and science principles to design solutions that will help with environmental problems. There are many types of projects that environmental engineers work on including designing plans to reduce pollution, and improving recycling efforts.

Skills: skills needed include the 5 senses and the basic skills you learn like reading,writing, and mathematics. You also need persuasion,instructing and speaking.