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Enforcing Special Education Rights in Prison

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Special Education in Prison

Enforcing the Educational Rights of Incarcerated Youth

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

“The collection of education and public safety policies and practices that push our nation's schoolchildren out of the classroom and into the streets, the juvenile justice system, or the criminal justice system.”

Deborah N. Archer, Introduction: Challenging the School-to-Prison Pipeline, 54 N.Y.L. Sch. L. Rev. 867, 868 (2009–10).

Mass Incarceration

  • The U.S. Has the world's largest prison population
  • The U.S. has 5% of world population and 25% of world prison population
  • The U.S. prison population rose 700% between 1970 and 2005


Constitutional Claims

Equal Protection and
Due Process

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Statutory Rights

Section 504 and the ADA

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Department for Education
Office for Civil Rights

Lawyers and Judges

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Community Campaigns

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