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Emmalea Sharps Poetry Project

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Emmalea Sharp's

poetry project

Table of Contents

  • cockroach
  • cockroach relflection
  • Peter Peter Pizza Eater
  • Peter Peter Pizza Eater Reflection
  • My Teacher Loves her Ipod


  • my teaher loves her ipod reflection
  • mother to son
  • mother to son reflection
  • my town
  • my town reflection

Colin Mc Naugton

The rhyme scheme for the poem Cockroach is A,A,B,A. This poem is about a cockroach in someones lunch and how they like how is it crunchy, but they don't like the taste of the cockroach.So the person ate the cockroach. This poem has imagery in it.

Peter Peter Pizza Eater
by Bruce Lanksy
Peter peter pizza eater
How I wish that you were neater
Half the pizzas on your shirt Clean up the mess
Or no dessert.

the rhyme sceme for the poem Peter Peter Pizza Eater is A,B,A,C,D,C. This poem is about a messy boy who won't get dessert if he doesn't clean up his mess. This poem shows alliteration.

My teacher loves her Ipod by Bruce Lansky

My teacher loves her ipod rhyme sceme is A,B,C,B,D,E,F,E,G,H,I,H. This poem is about an irresponsible teacher. this poem shows repitition.

Mother to son by langston hughes

Mother to Son is about a mother telling her son how her life wasnt easy but she kept going and never gave up. This poem shows symbolism.

My town by Unknown

My town is about a town and the things it does in the day and night. The rhyme sceme for this poem is A,B,C,C,D,E,F,E. This poem shows personification.