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Published on Feb 20, 2024

You know I get a buzz watching another woman giving you sexual pleasure. It was me who organized your first lesbian experience for you. You were hesitant at first, but now you thrive on bi-sex experiences," I told her, intrigued at the thought of watching my lady having a new sexual experience with Emma. I had met Emma socially a few times. My first impressions were a most attractive woman, early-forties, around the same age as us and perhaps gender fluid, something Sarah has just confirmed.

While we were still in afterglow mode, Sarah phoned Emma with the phone on speaker. "I just told Roger you want to have sex with me next Sunday. Fine by me he said. Though he did have a caveat. Before Emma has you I want you to give me blow job while she watches, preferably naked."

"How exciting, I have heard lots of good things about your man, he is reputed to be very well hung. Is that true Sarah?"

"Fifteen minutes ago he really was, nine-inches and thick, very thick, as he was fucking me long and hard."

On the Sunday Sarah and I decided less was more, we are both exhibitionists and love flaunting our naked bodies for our sexual partners. That morning I trimmed Sarah’s black pubic hair (a wonderful contrast to her blond hairdo) in the style favored by Helmut Newton’s models - a trimmed triangle with a gap at the sides. A recently new look for Sarah after a few others, a Mohawk, just a tuft, even completely bald.

Minutes after Emma arrived I was naked in our sex chair facing a wall length mirror with a deliberately flaccid cock. I always enjoy flaunting my erection for a new sexual partner, even though Emma was to be Sarah’s partner. I wanted Emma to watch me achieve a full, thick, nine-inch erection for Sarah to work on and suck me to orgasm.

"You know I want to tongue fuck your lady Roger. Sarah told me before I have her, you want me to watch her give you blow job, preferably naked. Let’s do it," she smiled full of confidence as Sarah helped her undress while they were kissing passionately.

A huge extra turn on ogling Emma’s feminine body as Sarah excelled with her blow job skills. Lick and suck my nipples first, while she teased my cock with her fingertips. In less than a minute I had a full on erection as I ogled Emma’s naked body for extra stimulation.

Sarah took great delight in demonstrating her refined blow job skills to a naked woman watching on. After what must have been seven or eight minutes she edged and teased me as she had a low key conversation with Emma, as she teased my erection with a fingertip.

"Swallow or hand?," Sarah asked another eight or nine minutes later as we had Emma’s full attention.

"Hand," I replied as I enjoyed masturbating for two naked women.

I always enjoy watching another woman tongue fucking my lady. A slightly different, though still exciting vibe after a tremendous blow job from Sarah. Emma and Sarah were tongue kissing like teenagers, before she licked and sucked Sarah’s nipples.

It became apparent why Emma had asked for a low stool as she placed it near the wall and sat on it. She motioned for Sarah to stand in front of her and turn around, legs spread. "Your magnificent ass is legendary, and those legs and heels embellish the legend," Emma told her as she licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

"You are a very exciting woman," Emma told her as she turned Sarah around again and grasped her ass cheeks. "I have wanted to tongue fuck you since the moment I set eyes on you," she whispered as the tip of her tongue found Sarah’s clit.

I was impressed with Emma’s cunnilingus skills. So was Sarah. "So good, so fucking good, I love it, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt," she was moaning after a few minutes, just before her first orgasm. Then her second, third and fourth in quick succession.

"Have we turned you on," Sarah asked rhetorically as she watched me teasing my second erection for the session.

"Can I visit you again next Sunday with a friend?," Emma asked as she showed us some pics of a well built, younger, chocolate skinned, man on her phone. "He is gender fluid, you both might enjoy his company," she told us as she flicked through some pics of him. Fully dressed in business attire, then naked from the waist up, his torso smeared with oil. In the next pic he was naked with a huge erection poking out at ninety-degrees. The next pic showed a naked woman sucking the tip of his erection.

"Oh wow, fuck," Sarah gasped, impressed. "He is huge, obviously you in the pic with him. Who took the pics?"

"His name is Brad. And he is huge, twelve-inches. Can I visit you again next Sunday with Brad?," Emma asked again with a self satisfied smirk.

"Okay by me, how about you Roger?," Sarah asked with a wicked smile knowing we would both enjoy reciprocal sexual pleasured with him and I would acquiesce.

Huge sexual tension in the lead up to their visit as we looked at the pics of Brad again after Emma emailed them. I gave Sarah a tongue fuck three times during the week while she looked at the pics on the computer screen, followed every time by her sucking my cock to a throbbing erection before we fucked long and slow. "What are you fantasizing about," I teased every time as she watched the screen intently while I glanced long and hard at the screen.

"You know exactly what I am fantasizing about, exactly the same as you."

"What are your plans Sarah?, I asked before Emma and Brad arrived as she oiled my naked torso with special attention to my nipples.

"Perhaps play it by ear and see what evolves, though I do want to have my big ass worshiped by him."

When Emma and Brad arrived I was bare foot, wearing low cut, tight fitting jeans as I usually do when Sarah and I are going to have new sexual partners. Sarah was wearing killer heels, tight fitting black leather slacks and a short matching shirt that barely covered her ass with all the buttons undone.

When Emma and Brad arrived they were both dressed to impress. Emma in a very short, tight black dress to highlight her body and legs. Brad in expensive, tight fitting designer jeans, his large cock obvious, and a tight fitting white t-shirt.

Emma kissed Sarah like old friends do before she kissed me. "You must be Sarah," Brad told her as he kissed and licked her hand. "I have heard you have some very appealing fetishes. Very, very appealing," he whispered as Emma and Sarah were tongue kissing while Brad and I watched on.

"Take my shirt off for me Brad, I have something for you," Sarah whispered excited, as we could see her glorious naked ass poking out of her back-less leather slacks

"All those rumors don’t do your magnificent ass justice, just fucking magnificent," Brad told her as he licked and kissed her ass cheeks while Sarah watched, legs spread, hands behind her head, in the wall mirrors.

"Do you like watching Brad worshiping your lady’s wonderful naked ass?," Emma whispered as she tongue kissed me and ran a hand over my almost fully erect cock under my jeans.

"Yes I do, and she she loves me watching."

"Undress Brad for us while he is worshiping your lady’s ass," Emma told me. A new turn on for me as I removed his shirt, dragging my fingertips over his erect nipples as I admired his taut, six-pack body. He stopped licking Sarah’s ass to help me slide his jeans down to his ankles while Sarah watched.

"Oh fuck, he is huge," Sarah and I muttered in unison, as Emma smiled, pleased at our reaction to his hairless body.

"I told you, twelve inches and very thick," Emma told us she motioned for me to remove my jeans and expose my roaring nine-inch erection.

All week long both of us had both been fantasizing about taking and or receiving sexual pleasure from Brad.

"Tongue fuck me to orgasm Brad, then I will give you a blow job," Sarah told him as she stood with her back to the wall, legs spread. Brad had his hands grasping Sarah’s ass as he flicked her cunt lips with the tip of his tongue. "I love it, just love it, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt," Sarah was moaning, very aroused, as she always does when receiving and enjoying cunnilingus, her body arching forward to maximize her pleasure.

"If you stand with your back to the wall Roger, I will suck your cock while you watch my man tongue fucking your lady," Emma told me.

"I promised you a blow job Brad and I always keep my promises," Sarah told him as she settled him in our sex chair facing a full length wall mirror. "Would you like my man to stand behind you and tease your nipples while he watches me give you a blow job?"

"Yes, I would Sarah," he smiled. In all the sexual liaisons we have had, I have never teased another man’s nipples while watching my lady giving him a blow job. "Oh wow," he moaned as I teased his nipples just after Sarah commenced sucking his cock.

Sarah and I love to stretch our sexual boundaries with new experiences. I have watched her give another man a blow job many times. However, I have never teased another man’s nipples while she was blowing him. Even more exciting for me, his taut, six-pack body and twelve-inch erection were wonderful eye candy.

I was surprised how comfortable I felt teasing his nipples with my fingertips after I licked them to make them wet. I had a gloriously full on erection as I rubbed the tip of it over his nipples, while I glanced at his erection between my lady’s pursed lips.

"Do want to suck his cock while Sarah is giving you a blow job?," Emma asked Brad, with a tremor in her voice.

"You know I do," Brad told her as he helped me slide my erection between his pursed lips.

Almost indescribable sexual pleasure having my cock expertly sucked by an attractive man while watching my lady blowing his twelve-inch erection.

In the afterglow we watched each other shower in our large, sit down, twin-head shower room and enjoyed flaunting our naked bodies for each other. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Brad’s cock, even flaccid he was huge, as he teased it with a fingertip as he smiled seductively at me while Sarah and Emma watched.

"Sarah and I would like to watch you two boys entertain us," Emma told us with a wicked smile. "Is there any thing special you would like from Brad?," she teased, knowing exactly what I had wanted for days as she handed Brad and I a bottle of expensive oil.

At any time I enjoy a woman oiling my naked body. A completely different vibe, oiling another man’s naked body, teasing him, as he oiled mine, teasing me, at the same time. Back, torso, ass as we both ogled each others semi-erections while the women watched.

Our eyes were locked together as simultaneously he stroked my instantly fully erect cock and I did the same to him. "Oh wow," I could hear the two women exclaim, their gaze focused on our erect cocks, turned on by watching two men pleasure each other with their hands and fingers.

In the past Sarah and I have compared my erection with another man’s, with Sarah using her hands to place our erections together. That day Sarah watched on in awe as Emma positioned Brad and I so she could use two hands to place our erections together. The first time ever with an erection larger than mine.

Sarah has long been aware of my desire to suck a cock bigger than mine while she watches and enjoys. "Do it for me baby, don’t hold back," Sarah whispered, very aroused, as I licked his cock. Any doubts I had about going any further were put to rest by my throbbing, rock hard erection.

One of Sarah’s fantasies has been to watch me giving a blow job to a man with an erection bigger than mine. "You enjoy a challenge baby, I can see and feel your vibe. Do it for us."

The two women could feel my vibe as I knelt between Brad’s legs and teased his nipples with a finger tip, then licked and sucked them. The four of us could feel the sexual tension as I licked my way down his torso with my hand on his now huge, very erect cock.

"Oh wow, how exciting," the two women whispered as I wrapped my pursed lips around the tip of his erection.

"That will be a very hard act to follow, very hard, no pun intended," Sarah told me that night as we showered together. "Perhaps back to basics, a plain, simple missionary fuck, in three days time. With lots of teasing in between."

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