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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Photo by John-Morgan


  • Dairy Queen may not seem like a lot to most people, but for my girlfriend and I it means a lot
  • Over the summer we went to Dairy Queen at least once a week, after every family dinner.
  • Every year the Dairy Queen on lake ave. closes for the winter on thanksgiving.
  • Now after every family dinner on sundays we cant go to Dairy Queen to continue the tradition
  • We went to Dairy Queen the last day it was open over break, DQ left a big impression on us


  • So since its closed for the winter and wont reopen till spring,
  • We still have the memories that it left us, the jokes we have about whos drivin
  • And we will have to wait to make new memories come spring.


  • This is my little cousin lily. Shes a character. Everything you do she will copy
  • To me this is the definition of a selfie. We took this on thanksgiving dinner.
  • Before this, I didnt really want kids but after watching this kid run around,
  • terrorizing the house I kind of do. Since I have a big family Ive had to chance
  • to watch these kids grow up. They learn a lot and always keep you on your toes ..


  • Its fun to watch these kids do their own thing and figure out random stuff
  • on their own and learn from their experiences. This kid kind of left an
  • impression on me.


  • Lots of people wasted away their break this year.
  • On my final day of break I volunteered at a nursing home playing bingo.
  • The old people here need help reading numbers and such.
  • During this experience it shows how good actually helping people is.
  • You learn from these people makin connections making you a better person