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Educational environment

Published on Apr 21, 2016

Presented in the IMS 21st century learning workshop 22/4/2016


Educational environment

Dr Nur Faraheen Abdul Rahman
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Topic objectives:

  • Define educational environment.
  • Describe its key-components.
  • Elaborate on its importance
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Key elements

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Teachers' skills


Size of class

Learning materials

Teaching methods


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Social life

A sense of belonging

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Student support

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Clear learning outcomes

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Assessment methods

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Personal safety

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Transport (& Parking) availability

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Leisure facilities

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Clinical experience

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Access to computer

Study skills

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Why measure educational environment?

...impressions, beliefs and expectations held by the school community

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about their learning environment

their associated behaviour

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the symbols and institutions

representing the patterned expression of behaviour.

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Improved students' performance

Higher staff morale

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increased motivation among students

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Positive school profile

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Quality teaching

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Evidence of positive changes

How do we measure educational environment?

Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM)

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Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision (CLES)

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... always a PERCEIVED environment

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"... there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes" -
Billy Connolly

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Dent, J., & Harden, R. M. (2013). A practical guide for medical teachers. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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