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Dung beetles

Published on Jan 31, 2020

This is a gt project for my school and we waatched a Ted talk and had to make a presentation. http://www.ted.com/talks/marcusbyrnethedanceofthedung_beetle.html The link above is the Ted talk. Type it in to your search engine.


Dung beetles

By Thomas David McMillin lV
Photo by berniedup

Dung beetles

  • Only 10% of dung beetles roll the dung
  • there are over 6000 species of dung beetles in the world. 2000 of them are on the arfrican continent.
  • a male can be identified by the hair on its back legs.

Facts continued...

  • Did you know that most dung beetles use their hind legs to drag the dung and hide it?
  • Some beetles make a den where they store pellets of poop.
  • Dung beetles use the polarized trail left by the sun to navigate.

Dung beetles

  • Some dung beetles dig to the bottom of a pile of dung to eat.
  • The dung is so valuable to the beetles that they are willing to steal dung from other beetles.
  • Most dung beetle larvae live in some of the dung that is collected.

white is beetles with cooler feet. The amount of stops made.

The dung beetle dance

Photo by Andi Gentsch

The dung beetle beetle does a little dance on top of the dung to check where it is and keep cool from the hot desert grounds you find most dung beetles on. Some times while a beetle is dancing, another beetle will steal it. This behavior is called dung jacking

Photo by Jochen Smolka

Thank you

Dung Beetle, by Thomas David McMillin IV