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Published on Feb 21, 2024

" "Excellent choice Sir, I’ll be right back with your order and your check."

Our stares let us both know we were still in that unique and exceptional place. We were still in that exotic zone where we had emerged only to feed our physical need for nourishment. But, being so close to her and talking football managed to make my manhood fill with desire. My thoughts began to revel in the hot and sweaty exercise session we had earlier. Hmmm, those thoughts made me want to go there again. We made our way back to the car, the beeps were louder but I ignored them over the conversation my girl and I were having while heading back to the hotel. When I arrived at the entrance ramp to I-95 South, Will Downing asked the Lord what he could do to deserve a woman truly for him. For nothing had ever been this good or right in my life either. My girl is everything I have ever wanted.

At the light before entering the busy highway I said to her, "Well you know the thing that I love to do best is please you, particularly in the art of cunnilingus. It’s my favorite past time."

She smiled at me in a coy sort of way. Her face was blush but she didn’t act embarrassed by my revelation. She asked, "Cunnilingus, meaning one who licks the vulva? Tell me what you know about that." "Well, I've tasted your vulva and would love to again. For me, it is the humbling affect of being knelt between your thighs while you have them spread wide open for me. The intoxicating smells of the sweet juices that have congregated for my pleasure send me to another world. Above the fragrance, the taste is incredible to say the least. Your lips are so silky and supple. They pout when I have penetrated them hard, fast, and long. But right now, I am sure your lips are relaxed and poised for more of my attention. I love kissing them as I would kiss the lips on your face. When I think about having my mouth engulfed in the folds of your wetness, I get a feeling of euphoria. And like a wave, it washes over me. I think about the luscious nectar that is dripping from you and I get a huge smile on my face. Makes all the difference in the world when it’s something you want to do."

She processes those thoughts with her eyes closed and a half smile across her facial lips. Her right hand is under her dress and her left hand is on my thigh. Her right leg is lifted and resting conveniently against the dashboard. Equipped with tented windows, the Solara is keeping all of her secrets as we speed towards our fuck palace.

I continue, "Looking down on you spread eagle drives my senses wild. And once I place my tongue on your skin, I go to another place. There are three things on this one-track mind, and they are your complete pleasure, your soulful delight, and your unequivocal satisfaction. The smell of those pheromones created by your excited and anticipating clitoris creates a sensation in my salivary glands that in turn causes my tongue to become slippery and wet. As I begin to lick across, up and down, and around your wetness I like it when I feel you move with a familiar rhythm. Your hips usually begin to buck and sway to their own beat." The energy beneath her dress rises and her facial expressions go dim. Small noises of glee float from her lips tangled between her teeth. The smell of sex has flooded the Solara and is infiltrating my nostrils. The smell of what I will taste, lick, and suck is causing my mouth to become wetter with anticipation. The light from the hotel valet drive causes my girl to gain her composure. Her left hand had shifted from my thigh to a light and welcome massage of my hardness. I was none to happy for that to stop, however I was more eager to continue our foreplay in a more secluded environment. I quickly pay our Caribbean porter and guide my girl to the elevator. As luck would have it, the elevator was empty. All the way to the 24th floor, my tongue was in her mouth, my hands were up her dress, and my fingers were massaging wet vaginal lips. With one leg on the floor, she balanced the other on the rail in the elevator. Her panties were in my pocket and my fingers we enjoying the wetness of her fully exposed pussy. We were locked in time it seemed with no inhibitions holding us back.

Once in the room and free from our clothes, I begin to go to work. That is when I initiate the tantalizing of her love with the tip of my very rigid tongue. Applying just the right amount of pressure back and forth, up and down, slow then fast...I love to feel her hips buck against my razor stubble. I adore the way she tries to match my cadence. I absolutely rejoice in the way I throw her off my tempo on purpose. I am running this show and it is my pleasure to give, and give, and give. I had an older lady friend once tell me, "Baby if you please a woman, she’ll return that pleasure to you tenfold. If she does not respond in kind, she is not the one. And you need to depart from her soon." What a premise, it has yet failed me.

Now that I have wedged my face firmly between the lips of my heaven, I open my mouth in the form of an "O", make a seal, and suck ever so gently at first then continue the sucking action until her clitoris exposes itself from under the swollen hood. Quickly I flicker my tongue back and forth in a frenzy as her hips are now wildly gyrating trying to either get away from the overflow of pleasure that has invaded her body or bucking me to increase the speed at which my tongue is stimulating her engorged clit. Either way, it’s all good because I have her. She can wiggle, but she can’t run. My arms are under my girl’s thighs and wrapped over the top, but firmly entrenched in my biceps. Holding her so close does not give her much room to move, nor does it give me much air to breathe. I regulate my breathing, settle down, and go to work relentlessly lapping my tongue about the most sensitive part of her body.

Just as her breathing changes, my lips release their lock on her wet mound, I take a deep breath and watch the breasts rise and fall about her chest and I fight the feeling to mount her. They look so good, good enough to suck themselves. The dark areolas accentuate the prominent nipples that are frozen solid by our ecstasy. That feeling I get when my cock is deep inside her will have to wait. Besides, the sucking of nipples brings greater pleasure while my cock is firmly implanted in her and pressing against her cervix. Instead, I go back to my pleasure with long licks from her 'taint to the clit. My lengthy, slow, luxurious licks send her back to wildly bucking her hips with the anticipation of what is yet to come.

Soon I feel her hands caress my ears; I know she is close to one of her erotic explosions. But she wants to wait until I hit that one spot that one place that will send her over the edge. At this point, I know she is primed and ready for a little "mo" stimulation. While I move my tongue to her clitoris, exclusively, I begin to, slowly, make circles around her clit. Very slow and loving, like I am enjoying my pussy-consumption kind of circles. While she is distracted and marveled by my new salutation, I place two fingers in position to insert them into her vagina. My hand is palm up and my fingers slide in easy to the first knuckle. Then I make the "come here" motion with my fingers collapsing them on the fleshy, allusive, yet sensitive G-spot. I hold my fingers there and tug slightly to pull the rest of my fingers deeper inside her. I scissor my fingers inside her slowly and softly but strong and deliberately. That motion makes her move on purpose. Makes her wiggle and roll. Makes her start to like this shit a lot. I then place my fingers together again and begin to say come here. Very slow again but her wildness is too far-gone to stop. She matches my rhythm. I begin to move my fingers faster, yet steady, and smooth. She matches my speed. She begins to wail and her eyes are rolling in the back of her head. Her hips are bucking against my face. And my fingers are making her want them deeper, want it faster, want this moment to never end. On queue, a wave of orgasm creeps over then floods her body she whimpers and moans. She relaxes her body…then she looks at me with the same hunger and desire that was just employed on her now tingly body. Caught in my human stirrups, she cannot move to reciprocate. I have other thoughts and other things I want to do to her. For instance, I want to let her wetness finally encounter my hardness. Or visa-versa, depending on her point of view at the moment. But, one thing is for certain; I have to be inside my girl right now. I have to plunge this thick and substantial piece of me into her. I want to feel the fruits of my labor. With her pussy soaked with her love juice and my saliva, I place my cock at the opening of her vagina. The lips spread apart willingly but I bypass her hole and slide the head of my cock to the tiptop of her clit. Back and forth, I tease her pussy with my cock. Watching my girl writhe about under me pawing at my muscle to ease it in, to ease her anxiety; I want to accommodate her in the worst way, but my pleasure is hers so I continue to tease her with the up and down sliding motion.

Entering her wetness is always like a spiritual moment. When skin meets skin, cock meets pussy, juices meld together, and my shaft glides effortlessly down her exotic path. My mind wonders away from the physical act and I am focused on my girl. I want to satisfy her more than words can say. Therefore, I can’t give into the feeling of her warm walls caressing me inside her. I can’t pay attention to the gyrations of her hips that help to pull me in deeper and harder. I can’t give into the feeling of the building explosion that comes wave after wave with every stroke in and out. Body control is my ally. While my loins are alive with desire, dicking her down is my goal. It’s my mantra. I have to make sure she never has a reason to ever look elsewhere for the pleasures that I provide. Looking down at her face, feeling the wetness between her legs build, and feeling her rhythms change frequently let me know my motions are working her into a frenzy. She loves the way I take my time, pin her legs back, and plunge into her hole. Her whimpers change to instructions that are more audible.

"Fuck me harder, fuck me deeper, and just take me baby please…"

Her requests never go unheard or unattended. When she shouts, I come alive! My cock seems to swell to proportions never felt. Her pussy accommodates the new depth and breadth of my inflated cock. Plunging faster and harder it now becomes a test of my will as I feel the eruption build in me beyond my control. I’ve gone beyond my mental threshold; there’s no way I can stop from flooding her pussy now. I feel a sensation start in my lower back and progress through my loins. Once firmly entrenched in my balls there is no return. It is as if a valve has been opened and my cum starts its journey to the surface. The journey is slow like there are a million tubes to be filled before the fluid can be released. But once at the precipice there is no holding back, no control, no way to stop my load from spewing to the surface.

My girl can feel my body and knows that her wild pace is causing me to lose control. She reaches between her legs and massages her clit while I increase my speed and depth of stroke. As I pry my eyes open, I see my girl wanting the same release as I. Her sexy hair is magnificently placed around her face, her lips are between her teeth, and here voice is reduced to heavy bursts of breathes, grunts and groans being released with every stroke. Finally, I make a huge push with my pelvis launching my cock as far as her cervix will let me go. What feels like waves of thick, white hot, liquid begins to flow from my body through my penis into my girl. At that same moment she begins to wiggle, her pussy walls contract, and gathers my cock deeper inside her, if that is possible. If she could, her legs would probably kick wildly but I have them propped up with my elbows as I am above her looking down and pumping my hips harder thrusting my swollen cock deeper and deeper and deeper still. Just as both of us experience nirvana simultaneously, the beeping is louder. My girl begins to fade away beneath me and my eyes are adjusting to a snowing TV. The beepsof the microwave and smells of warm bar-b-q sauce call me to the kitchen.

I must have dozed off.

Basking in the afterglow of that trance makes me smile as I stumble to the kitchen. I want to revisit the couch and "my girl" rather than Gwen, our bed, and her rotten ass attitude. I wrap the food for my lunch tomorrow, use the bathroom and go back to the creature comforts of the couch. I am hoping and praying that the same place, the same lighting, and the same sounds would help me go back to the Utopia I had conjured in my subconscious.

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