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Published on Nov 26, 2015

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Daydreamer, stuck in a nightmare
Photo by Gene Torres

Having a regular 9-5 like everybody else makes the dreamer uneasy, especially when their ambition burns so bright

Photo by Cold Cut

The dreamer spends much of their time in solitary meditation, but finds solace in the people around them

Photo by JetSetWilly

For the dreamer, having an apartment looking on to a river is their ideal living situation, the perfect escape from reality

Photo by Florian_Dré

Connection to nature is important to the dreamer because they have an isolationist side that contrasts their love for other people.

To the dreamer, human resources is a good job, but they feel like they could achieve more through their writing ability. They use their isolationist side to spend multitudes of time writing various projects.

Despite their love of people, the dreamer prioritizes their own plethora of applicable knowledge over the social aspects of life.

Photo by JonathanCohen

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