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Draft - Writing for the Web

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2. Draft

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Top 3 writing best practices

  • write for your audience
  • don't be complex
  • show your personality

Write for your audience.

writing best practice #1
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“People don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits. They buy quarter-inch holes so they can hang their children’s pictures.”

-Made to Stick (page 179) by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

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Tips on writing for your audience

  • Think about needs, hopes, wants, dreams
  • Talk to people
  • Read intake notes
  • Remove insider language

Don't be too complex.

Writing best practice #2
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How would I explain it to grandma?

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Tips for reducing compexity

  • Identify the key tasks or goals for your audience
  • Make it easy to accomplish those tasks
  • Break up long paragraphs and cut stuff
  • Change your process
  • Read it out loud

Show your personality.

Writing best practice #3
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Next steps

  • Review voice and personality info on the project site
  • Update it to best fit MCC before you start writing