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Published on Nov 18, 2015

Film Review by Sergio Salazar.Film Director of Avatar and Star Wars



with reason is untold

Last sunday I went to Peñacastillo Cinemas and I watched this film.

Photo by kevin dooley

Dracula Untold is a disastrous film,It has a lot of bad special effects and It hasn´t got good plot.

Photo by c_ambler

The plot was about a prince who wants to protect his country and his family.But It had a price

Photo by Heo2035

Vlad Tepes,the main character,is a brave,agile,Romanian prince.

Photo by Kuyan Redman

At the beginning,Vlad Tepes thinks that other countries can beat their country

Photo by Tolka Rover

One day he met a demon and he transforms him in a MONSTER

Photo by lucyfrench123

Now the prince´s name is Dracula,and he has a lot of evil power.

Photo by Rob Ellis'

That was when Dracula´s adventures really began.
You´ll have to watch it and discover the final