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Documentation and Design

Published on Nov 23, 2015

Cohort 21


Documentation and Design

Accessible Technology in Senior Kindergarten

Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin|SK Teacher|Albert College

@jlindsaysonkin | cohort21.com/jessicalindsay
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My Philosophy:
“With curiosity as the core, students authentically learn from their environment to acquire skills that enable them to become confident, creative and innovative thinkers.”

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Action Plan:
Enable young learners to document and reflect upon their own thinking processes using accessible technology.

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Implementing the Action Plan:
Providing the students with an iPad and have them formally and spontaneously document their thinking processes through photographs and video using SesameHQ

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Action Plan Takeaways

  • Young learners have an intuitive sense of how to use technology, but still depend on us as educators to break it down into manageable steps for them to take advantage of its capabilities
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Action Plan Takeaways

  • Young learners are immensely proud of their own work. When given the opportunity to create their own online portfolio with SesameHQ, they eagerly jumped on board. They now regularly grab the iPad to capture their own photo and video and narrate their thought processes
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Action Plan Takeaways

  • Students would benefit from having multiple iPads to use while working. They did a great job of sharing, I but want to remove any barriers from recording spontaneous thought
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Cohort 21 Experience
Learning about new tools to use only scratches the surface of the depth in Cohort 21.

Cohort 21 is about reflection and inspiration. It is about finding like-minded individuals who are thirsty to learn and eager to best serve their students.

It is about thinking more deeply about how technology is used and why we are using it. Cohort 21 is about not just replacing the pencil with the iPad, but thinking about the purpose that either tool can serve.

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How are we using technology to support our students with designing unlimited possibilities?
How do we, as educators, inspire our students to believe anything is possible?
My moonshot thinking is that it is.
Thank you Cohort 21.