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DIY "The Snowy Day" Peter Felt Doll

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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The Snowy Day By Ezra jack keats

DIY Peter dolls!!

We would like to thank Wildflower Ramblings for the awesome idea!

First, cut out a peter shape on paper

and then use that to cut out a red felt peter.

You will need two for each doll

we made three dolls! One for each kid!

glue a peter face on one side

and then stuff with cotton balls

Have your mom hot glue them

watch your fingers!

Isn't he so cute?

now use the doll to act out the story!

Thanks, Wildflower ramblings!

this was an awesome idea for our book club!

This haiku deck was created by

6 year old leo from my little poppies
Photo by Visualogist

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