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Diversity In the Classroom

Published on Nov 22, 2015

Islamic Cultural Program for Educators


Supporting Diversity in the Classroom

Amna Salameh

Why learn about Muslims and their Faith?

  • Attacks on Muslims post 9/11
  • Large Muslim population
  • The media and curriculum
  • Stereotypes and Bias
  • "Children who experience bias are not going to do well in school. If you are excluded from your peers, you don't want to go to school. There is a direct relationship there."

Bullying Muslim Students

My experience as a Muslim American

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Common Misconceptions

  • Women don't have rights
  • Women aren't educated
  • Islam promotes violence
  • Muslims are new in America
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Muslim Beliefs

  • Oneness of God
  • Belief in Angels
  • Belief in Prophets
  • Belief in the Holy Books
  • Belief in the Day of Judgment
  • Predestination
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5 Pillars of Islam

  • 1. Testimony of Faith
  • 2. Prayer
  • 3. Fasting Ramadan
  • 4. Charity
  • 5. Performance of The Hajj
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  • Education is key
  • One - on - one educator trainings and guest speaker presentations
  • Using cultural responsive teaching methods
  • Resources: ING.org, PBS learning media.org, Southern Poverty Law center.org.
  • Unity Production Foundation


Email Address: amuslimeh@gmail.com
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