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Financing is a challenge - for both startups and regular business - while demand is increasing

Enter Diversity Fund - Business Finance for the Rest of us!

Diversity Fund - Finance for the rest of us!

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Diversity Fund

Financing is a challenge - for both startups and regular business - while demand is increasing

Enter Diversity Fund - Business Finance for the Rest of us!

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Through our crowdfunding finance portal, we speed up funding for small and mid-size (SMB) businesses that need to raise between $50,000 and $1 million at a time.

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We will also provide a new avenue for investors to quickly locate, and invest in, deals that match their focus and criteria.

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....particularly among women, LGBT and minority-led businesses

Capital access is critical for every business, but is a special challenge for women and minorities.

500,000 companies starting each month in the U.S. (U.S. Small Business Association)

VCs will write fewer than 100 checks in the next 30 days. Angel investors will add 4,000 .... leaving 495,000 businesses short of checks. (Startups Co)

The percentage of total bank loans to small business has been steadily declining since 1995 (FDIC)

Women are 29% less likely than males to have bank loans approved.

The number of women-owned business is growing 1.5 X

New crowdfunding model
multiple finance options

Changes in securities regulations now allow businesses to directly sell securities to investors through portals.

Diversity Fund is launching under Texas Securities Board (TSSB) rules and will provide rewards, lending and equity finance options all together in one platform.

Anyone can now be an investor, not just the few

Changes in securities law have also now opened up equity investing to unaccredited investors (within limits).

Diversity fund will allow both accredited and unaccredited investors to purchase securities directly from businesses.

CFPs part of $3.3T securities market with AAGR of 400+ %

Every minute of every day, $60,000 is being invested in business via crowdfunding (CrowdfundingCentre)

Global crowdfunding (all types) is doubling every year, surpassing all VC investment in the U.S. in 2015 and predicted to be a $300 billion market by 2025 (World Bank)

Austin Texas USA World

2015 launch in Austin as a Texas portal open to any Texas business or investor.

Positioned for national expansion once the SEC promulgates new interstate rules.

Future partnership/expansion plans include international.

Business Model

Diversity Fund model - keep it simple and competitive with other equity offerings. No cost to signup and 6% on all monies raised.

First year goals of funding 243 businesses with $27M.

Year 2 financial plan includes additional paid offerings for investors and advertising revenue.

Diversity Fund Team
experienced. diverse. passionate.

Founding team includes serial entrepreneurs with legal, business, startup, design and development skills.

Diverse team will focus on LGBT, women, and minority business segments and allied investors.

Platform Launch
Q4 2015

Platform is expected to launch with 4-15 business deals in the first first month and 1,000+ investors. Marketing is focused on deal flow.