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Ditch the Elevator Pitch!

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Networking event? #Job Interview? Sales Call? What if I told you you don't need an #elevator pitch. What you need is an Intro-mercial! Find out how to create one.


Ditch the Elevator Pitch!

Robyn hatcher, SpeakEtc.

“And what do you do?” –

“So tell me about yourself.”

Why should I hire you?

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Do those questions make you panic?

Do you start thinking “Ok. Time for my elevator pitch.”
Oh no, I don’t HAVE an elevator pitch!!

I'm here to help! Hint: You don't need an Elevator Pitch!

I’m going to help you “ditch the pitch” and embrace:
The Intro-mercial.

What is an #Elevator Pitch?

Wikepedia says it's...
Elevator Pitch: a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition.
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But most of us think of an elevator pitch as….

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A short, concise boring description of yourself, your business, your product or your service full of jargon and empty language which will bore a listener and cause them to glaze over.

So let’s ditch the word "pitch" and adopt a new word...


Time to Re-Frame

Words are powerful!
When you think of a pitch, you think of someone throwing something at you or trying to sell you something.
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The Intro-mercial

Enter ...          
A cross between an introduction and a commercial. Two words that have slightly less emotional baggage.

An Intro-mercial is short, concise description of yourself, your business, your product or your service which will ENGAGE a listener and encourage them to take some further action.

5 ingredients of an Intro-mercial

  • Engage Them
  • Inform Them
  • Assure Them
  • Seduce Them
  • Invite Them
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You've said your name a billion times. It's boring to you and chances are it will be boring to the people you're talking to until they know what you have to share so they will likely forget it.
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1. Engage Them

Get their attention first!
People engage & take action for emotional & logical reasons.

Emotional reasons have the largest sway.

“Logic influences thinking, emotion influences decisions”

Engage with...

  • Question or series of questions
  • Startling fact, statement, statistic
  • Anecdote/story
  • Related quotation
When you surprise listeners with one of these techniques you'll get their full attention.

Make them feel something.
Emotion TRUMPS Facts!!

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2. Inform Them

what  do you Do?  - NOT YOUR JOB TITLE!
This is where you say your name!

Then tell them what problem you solve; what need you fill
AND/OR What your mission, goal or objective is.

USE METAPHORS and ANALOGIES when/if you can.
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Lots of people can have your job title.
Nobody can be YOU!

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." - Simon Sinek

Explain what you do in terms that show you have a unique and special way of doing it that other people may not have.

You are not your JOB TITLE!
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3. Assure Them

What experience do you have?
Here you can let your inner nerd out & use details & numbers. Let us know X amount of years. X amount of clients, books, accolades, profits...

But also use examples, stories and metaphors if you can.
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4. Seduce them

Make them trust and want you!
Tell them What’s in it for Them - How you can improve their bottom line or save them money? AND/ OR How can you make their lives better, easier, more enjoyable or more successful.

You don't have to do an in your face hard sell by saying something like: "I can help you...." You can tell it as a story about a client or other people you've helped.
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5. Invite Them

Entertain Future Relationship
FORGET ABC (Always Be Closing) and embrace DEF (Define Future Engagement!)

How will you keep in touch? How/when can you follow up? A cup of coffee; an email.
Networking is about Relationships!

You don't have to invite everyone! You can be choosy.
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Dish it out...

DOn't DUMP it!!
You don't need to make it a monologue. Dumping your Intro-mercial out all in one breath.

You can serve it in bite size pieces and in response to questions.
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Ways to use intro-mercials

  • Networking Events
  • Job Interviews
  • Media Interviews
  • Sales pitches 
  • Presentation Intros
Once you have one or two stellar Intro-mercials you can use them in lots of different ways.

To work on your Intro-mercial
Go to bit.ly/SpeakEtcsignup
To grab a free copy of my
"Ditch the Pitch" workbook or contact me!

Go to bit.ly/SpeakEtcsignup
To grab a free copy of my
"Ditch the Pitch" workbook with more details and examples on how to create an engaging Intro-mercial!

Or find out how we can set up a virtual coaching session to work on YOUR Intro-mercial.