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Dissertation Vs Thesis Writing: Which One to Choose?

Published on Nov 04, 2021

Dissertation Vs Thesis Writing: Which One to Choose? Guide 2021

You have finally decided what topic you like and now are ready to sit down and write your dissertation? There is only one problem – the feeling that something is not right. Have you ever tried writing a thesis before or maybe just an essay? Some universities would ask you to do this task at least once during your student career! If yes then I bet all of them had been written in a completely different style, so new for you that you didn't even start it because it seemed too difficult and impossible. And now, when approaching the real dissertation (which has more pages than your master's paper), some thoughts cross your mind: "Is my text sufficient?", "Is it good enough?", "Could I do it better?" and so on. Before those questions are the crucial ones: what is dissertation writing services and how to approach it?

You can choose between both - the thesis or a dissertation, as you wish – most students buy papers online, too . However, If you're smart enough and experienced in academic writing then if you have decided to write a dissertation that means you'll face some obstacles like choosing an appropriate topic for a research thesis. So before going into details about this process let’s talk about the most essential differences between them. The major difference lies in their length and structure: Thesis is usually written under supervision of a tutor or professor within one semester (or even shorter period), while a dissertation is longer and more detailed. A thesis usually contains 10-40 pages of text (4-6 thousand words), but a doctoral dissertation should be twice as long (20-80 pages), containing from 8 to 20 thousand words. It is quite natural that thanks to such a huge difference in length, structure and scope both dissertations and theses are written differently too.

So how can you write your dissertation or thesis paper? What steps are needed for this process?

Four Steps for Writing Your Dissertation or Thesis Paper

Write down all ideas related to your topic that come up in your mind asking the simple question "What is new here?" If the answer would be not much then think again about choosing a topic.

Now gather all those ideas, choose 2-3 of them and elaborate on each one separately. You should become the "expert" about that idea (what do you know more than anyone else? Who could be interested in your findings?). Write down pros and cons of the idea; will it stand a ground against criticism? In such a case plan counter arguments for other opinions and make sure your paper is something new – don't repeat what has already been said by someone else before! Also think about who would benefit from similar research: universities, companies or the government… This approach is called “Empirical Grounded Thesis” – if you are convinced that interest in your particular topic exists then use this approach and write your dissertation or take the help of thesis writing service in a way that will create a demand for the further research on this topic.

Gather sources and papers related to your subject. Be sure you won't skip any useful information and at the same time don't drown in a huge pile of unnecessary information – save only materials that are relevant to your topic, like abstracts, book reviews, etc. This part is very important because it will tell you if there's no need in writing similar text! Take everything into consideration: themes (but not topics), language style used by authors of the references, their message about the topic… If you still see interest and reason to proceed with writing then go forward!