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Dilly Dally and Grammarly

Published on Dec 01, 2016

This presentation is a brief overview of how to use and set-up an account with grammarly to improve the way we communicate at Dilly Dally


All about Grammarly

Brough to you by: Dilly Dally management 
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What is Grammarly?

  • "It is an online grammar and spelling checker" (grammarly inc., 2016).
It is a web-based program that will assist our company to communicate effectively and efficiently
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Why Grammarly?

  • To improve Dilly Dally's communication with our customers, partners, and collauges.
Lately, there has been concerns with the way we correspond externally and internally. The main concerns have specifically been low level written work produced. To succeed in the business world, we need to ensure the work we produce including written work is free of error.

This program will help us with improving our work.

HOw grammarly works

  • Automatically highlights errors
  • Suggest corrections instantaneously
  • Everything it done and saved online
  • Able to write on the website or copy and paste work from another program
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How to register

Please create a password that you can remember but secured enough that it is not easy for someone else to guess it.

Once you have the account created, click on 'New' and you're all set
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REady, set, correct

Thank you! 
Written correspondents is part of our day to day business activities here at Dilly Dally’s, we are confident that this program will aid you in continuing to be successful in our organization.

Thank you for your time, if you need further assistance please contact your immediate manager.


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