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Published on Jun 29, 2016

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I’d forgotten

the deer in headlights feeling of being put on the spot
Photo by T Hall

asked to take a risk, in front of others

Photo by duncan

Novelty and discomfort do have a way of waking the brain up though.

Nothing makes you fully present like a mild dose of terror.
Photo by Bill Kuffrey

It is refreshing, in a way, to have the electrodes applied.

Photo by Lisa Brewster

When we were students, ideally, people were introducing us to novel ideas and experiences almost every day.

Photo by profcarlos

As we get older it’s much easier to stay within our comfort zones.

Photo by brianjmatis

Adults are a lot harder to budge

and our autonomy is at once the greatest privilege of adulthood and our greatest constraint.
Photo by Tim Geers