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Digital Footprint

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Digital Citizenship discussion panel of questions for students.


Digital Footprint

Blake's Student Panel Discussion
Photo by Great Beyond

The purpose is to share experiences about using technology in your life with your peers and teachers.


  • Panel is asked about 4-5 Questions
  • "Pass" if you prefer not to answer
  • Audience: Respectfully Listens

What do you think makes up your Digital Footprint?

Photo by Mylla

When do you think your digital imprint began?
Do others contribute to it?

Photo by William Hook

Have you Googled Yourself?

How can YOU make sure your Digital Footprint represents you?!

Photo by seanmcgrath

My Digital Footprint recipe
is like ____ because ___.
I would like it to more like _________.

Photo by mr.beaver