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Digital Citizenship

ByMary Clark|3172 views |Education

Digital Citizenship Preso based on Craig Badura's (@mrbadura) Digital Citenship kit.

Presentation Outline

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    Craig Bedura (@mrbedura) uses these items to explain digital citizenship to students. Here is a link to his blog post: Padlock=strong passwords. Talk about adding symbols to passwords.

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    Toothbrush--would you share? NO, just like you shouldn't share your password. Unless your parents ask, then do it! Likewise, be careful about sharing personal information.

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    Permanent Markers=just that. Permanent! It's hard to get something off the Internet.

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    Can you put this toothpaste back in the tube? No, and it's hard to take something back once you post it online.

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    Once you crumple a paper, it's hard to smooth it out. Same goes for your reputation and your relationships. Make sure what you're posting won't hurt a friend. It's hard to rebuild a friendship after you damage it online.

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    Take time to unplug, especially before bed. Rest your eyes, and your brain, from social media and games.

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    Keep it clean! Photos and language you'd want your grandma to see! (I ask who's seen The Christmas Story, and have a student walk us through the results of the "Oh, Fudge" fiasco:)

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    Digital footprint? No, it's a digital tattoo! (Use Justin Bieber--bad enough you bought the t-shirt, but imagine if you got a tattoo!)

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    Take a look at what you've shared online. Do you like that person? Sometimes kids think they have to be cool online, and they post things they think other people will like. Be your authentic self--it's much easier than maintaining an online presence just to fit in.

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    Everyone makes mistakes. We've all done something we wouldn't want shared online. But your world IS shared online, and can be easily Googled. Try to keep your online mistakes small enough for a band-aid, and not surgery:)

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  11. you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

    11. You are free to choose,

    but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

    Quote from Patricia Polacco.