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Digital Badges

Published on Nov 21, 2015

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Why Digital Badges?

Washington Twp. Public Schools
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Professional Development

At your fingertips...From our website

Take Learning Into Your Own Hands

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Anytime, Anywhere

And you don't get pulled out of your classroom!
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Earn PD Hours

One Hour Per Badge!


Learn about the things that interest you.
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Stored Online

in your Credly account.  No paperwork!
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Badges Have Meaning

Credentials with Metadata
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Relevant Application

You need to apply what you learned to earn a badge

It's Meaningful

You know what your students need.
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Celebrate Yourself

Collect badges as proof of your dedication to tech integration!
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Share Your Awesomeness!

on social media

Post Your Awesomeness!

Print the badges you've earned & hang 'em proudly!
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Be Celebrated

Enjoy well-deserved recognition of administrators and peers
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Be a Leader

Help Others Learn By Contributing Badges
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It's A Gift To Your Students

The more badges you earn, the more you integrate technology meaningfully!

Digital Badges

Choose to Learn. Choose to Lead. Choose to Excel.
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