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Digital Art

Published on Apr 02, 2017

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Digital Art

Ronan Whitteker

My Background

  • Engineering
  • Intellectual Property
  • Books (biology, philosophy, politics and sociology)
  • Music and collaboration

Why I'm Here

  • Promote the digital arts
  • Promote a new gallery
  • Practice speaking
  • so... What is digital art?

Made WITH computers

computers do the hard work

Made OF computers

what is technology if not innately human?

made BY computers

big questions about what art is

So.... What is Digital Art?

  • Art ABOUT computers
  • Digital Aesthetic?
  • Not just visual art
  • Analog computers?
  • ...

AfterMath Gallery

Collaborative workspace and learning environment

You will find:

  • Visual art
  • Sound art
  • Interactive art
  • Virtual Reality
  • Books, games and electronics
  • Interesting people
  • Events including workshops and reading groups

You will learn

  • Software development
  • Basic electronics/hardware
  • Game/story design
  • Philosophy and biology
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creative problem "solving"

Glitch Art

Many questions remain.... 

The Singularity

Can we survive it? CAn we predict it?

Can we understand ourselves?

Thank you

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  • Where is Cyberspace?