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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Photo by paul bica


  • It is, in fact a real place
  • Found in North Carolina
  • A popular hiking spot
  • There is no town of Cold mountain like in the book
Cold mountain has not really changed much since the civil war. It is still in its natural forested state much like it was during the war. It is also a hiking ground.


  • A real river located through central North Carolina
  • It is 202 miles long
An actual river found in North Carolina that flows into the Atlantic Ocean.


  • A battle fought in Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • December 11 - 15 1862
  • Confederate victory
Fredericksburg was a battle that took place in Fredericksburg, Virginia from December 11 to December 15 1862. It resulted in a confederate victory with the lose of 12,653 casualties on the Unions side and 5,377 casualties on the Confederates.
Photo by jimbowen0306


  • City in South Carolina
  • Battle of Charleston harbor
  • Confederate victory
  • April 7, 1863
Hotbed of secession from the Civil War. The battle of Charleston resulted in a confederate victory, though only a one day battle. On April 7, 1863 5 confederates were killed and 1 union.
Photo by Kay Gaensler


  • City in South Carolina
  • Battle of Fort Sumter
  • Confederate victory
  • Started the Civil War
The battle of Fort Sumter, won by the Confederates, is said to have started the Civil War.


  • Battle of Gettysburg
  • July 1 - 3 1863
  • Pennsylvania
  • Union victory
  • Some say turning point of the war
Lasting 3 days, over 56,000 killed in all, the battle of Gettysburg is said by some to be the turning point of the war.
Photo by sabianmaggy


  • Town in Maryland
  • No real significance to the war


  • June 15-18, 1864
  • Virginia
  • Confederate victory
The battle of Petersburg, Virginia resulted in a confederate victory. It lasted from June 15 to the 18 of 1864 and is also referred to as the "Assault on Petersburg".


  • North Carolina
  • April 3-6 1865
Asheville became a major Confederate military center during the Civil War. Though it was an area with lots of wealthy land owners, manufacturing, and even a prison, there were very few battles here.


  • Virginia
  • Inconclusive battle
  • May 5, 1862
Located in Virginia, Williamsburg was the first major conflict of the Peninsula Campaign.


  • Western North Carolina
Balsam Mountain had no real significance to the Civil War.
Photo by blmiers2


  • Also know as Battle of Antietam
  • September 17, 1862
  • Tactically inconclusive
  • Strategic union victory
  • Maryland
The battle of Sharpsburg only lasted 1 day, yet over 22,000 people died all together. The battle itself was said to be inconclusive, but it is also said the union "won" through their strategies.


  • City in Pennsylvania
  • No real significance
Wilkes was founded in 1969 in Pennsylvania. It is real, but isn't significant to the war itself.
Photo by Scott*


  • Religion
  • Originated in ancient Bohemia
  • Organized in 1457
This religion originated in ancient Bohemia and Moravia in the present-day Czech Republic.
Photo by JasonTromm


  • Refer to themselves as Friends
  • Originated in mid-17th century England
  • "Religious Society of Friends"
Founded by George Fox, the Quakers refer to themselves as the "Religious Society of Friends" (or just Friends).
Photo by Leo Reynolds


  • A town in North Carolina
  • No real connection to story
Kanuga is a town in North Carolina, but that's all it seems to be. There is no connection to the civil war.
Photo by "JT" Taylor


  • Mountain
  • Famous only in the book
This mountain is indeed real but doesn't have any real significance other than in the book.
Photo by gigi 62


  • A town in Pennsylvania
  • Famous during Great Depression
This town in Pennsylvania was most famous during the Great Depression because it wasn't hit as hard by the economy's failure.
Photo by Vincent_AF


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Photo by gadl