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Designing the protagonists of our story

Published on Jan 28, 2017

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Designing the protagonists of our story

January 2017

A seal, starfish, a mermaid, a crab, a fish ...

octopus, turtles, pirates...

fantastic creatures...

Seahorses, dolphins, jellyfish, the king of the seas...

Hearts, fishermen, a whale ...

Why all of them?

  • Because they live in the sea
  • Or they are easy to make
  • They are in danger and we have to protect them
  • They are friendly animals
  • They are part of our fantasy stories in the sea

Which is the winner?

We had 3 finalists:

  • The mermaid from Arnau P
  • Willy the whale from Andrianna
  • Tina the turtle from Naia

Willy the whale

By: Andrianna

The mermaid

By Arnau P

Tina the turtle,
by: Naia

and the winners are...

Willy the whale and Tina the turtle!

Why Willy?

  • Despite there are a few whales in the Mediterranean sea, Willy can travel from one country to other easily
  • It is easy to make a copy and express the different feelings and emotions
  • We can keep all the gifts and emotions inside its rucksack from the back
  • it is a funny and friendly animal

Why Tina the turtle?

  • It is an animal who can move and live inside and outside the water.
  • It is a mediterranean reptile that has lived in our sea for millions of years
  • It is in danger and we have to protect
  • It moves slowly, but it is a patient , calm and responsible character.

Congratulations Naia and Andriannna!