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Designing a Questionnaire

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Questionable Questions

Quantitative Marketing Research

Asking questions with a purpose

Questionnaire Design
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Make a list

What do you want to find out?
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Erase the "nice to have"

Do not ask questions unless it has a use

Write questions

At least one question per each bullet in the list
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Answer questions

Try to view them as a respondent

Re-write the questions

Think in the analysis:  percentage?  average? summarize?

7 common mistakes

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1. Ambiguous

frequently, some times...
Good morning, I am Caro Rodríguez. I am going to teach you the tools you need to get powerful and reliable information for a business.
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2. Two in one

Do you play the piano? the guitar ?   Yes   No
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3. Non mutually exclusive

How old are you?  10-15     15-20     20-25

4. Non exhaustive

What type of books do you prefer?   Fiction  Novel  History    

5. Leading

Would you like to buy this product that is powerfull than the competitors?


How many times have you been in this movie theater?

7. Uncomfortable

How much do you earn? 


Be specific

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Use simple words

Adapt to the common words for that target.
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Try to use close-ended questions

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Begin to design!

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