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Declarative Orchestration

Published on Nov 18, 2015

See how Openstack Heat, AWS CloudFormation, Puppet, and Ansible are changing the way large sites are run. In this talk, you'll learn why declarative tools are well-suited to rapidly-changing cloud environments, what orchestration tools are great for, and some lessons I learned helping build Heat.


Declarative Orchestration

And other big words from @ryan_sb

Engineering @ Red Hat

Formerly Ops & Automation @ Hudl


  • Orchestration Matters
  • Declarative Wins
  • Tool Lessons

Surface Area

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  • Correct level of abstraction
  • Clean system boundaries
  • Immutable infrastructure

Boto, Chef, Checklists

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Orchestration Solves It

  • Scale
  • Complexity
  • Dependencies

Who's Driving?

Ansible CloudFormation

Declarative Models

Yeah. Thermostats.
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Explicit Everything

Repeatable by Design

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Tool Building

  • Emergent features
  • Developers are people!
  • UNIX Philosophy